Fleming Island Homes For Sale

Fleming Island

Fleming Island is surrounded by 4 waterways Swimming Pen Creek, Black Creek, Doctors Lake, and the St Johns River

Fleming Island was an area of Florida settled by Irish immigrant, George Fleming (1760-1821), who received a 1,000-acre land grant from the Spanish governor of East Florida for his military service. George Fleming built a plantation in 1790 and it was named Hibernia Plantation (in what is now Hibernia, Florida), after the Latin word for Ireland. When he died in 1821, the plantation was left to his son, Col. Lewis Michael Fleming (1798-1862).

In 1942, when the area was undeveloped, the U.S. Navy constructed four asphalt runways on the site and established a Naval Outlying Field designated as NOLF Fleming Island, an auxiliary airfield to Naval Air Station Jacksonville, The Navy abandoned the auxiliary airfield in the 1960s, its runways too short to accommodate the jet aircraft then in operation at nearby NAS Jacksonville and NAS Cecil Field, and in the late 1990s the decaying runways were demolished to make way for current residential development

Things to do on Fleming Island

Fitness, Fishing, Jogging, Boating, Skiing, Wake boarding

This is exactly why living on Fleming Island is great:

  • It is hot and sunny most days. As well as just being more pleasant, this means that you can plan an outdoor event knowing that the weather is likely to be good.
  • No need to shovel snow in the Winter either. Scraping ice off your car windows is also uncommon, and there’s no need to dress up in thick layers of winter wear every time you venture outside during the colder months either.
  • No state taxes to pay. The Sunshine State doesn’t tax you, so you just have federal taxes to worry about.
  • Lots of world class beaches and state parks to enjoy. Plus even if you live inland, because of the shape of the state the beach is never far away – you can usually venture out to the coast and be back on the same day.
  • A great place for yachting, sailing, diving, swimming, or going for a cruise, thanks to the warm weather and scenery. Plus there is surfing too, of course.
  • A great place for outdoor sports, such as golf and tennis. There are lots of high quality facilities and the weather means that you can play pretty much all year round.


This is exactly what makes you want to live on Fleming Island. There are three elementary schools and Fleming Island High School as well a YMCA, post office, day care facilities, neighborhood schools, hospitals, and senior living. home depot, Publix, Winn Dixie, Target, Kohl’s, Fresh Market and Walmart

  • Theme Parks are within 3 hours (for example: Disney, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens) and leisure/recreational venues for all the family. There’s never any reason to get bored in Florida.
  • Plenty of interesting and exotic animal life.
  • Lots of nature trails, springs, rivers, and lakes to explore.
  • You can buy a new home for a relatively inexpensive price in many parts of Florida
  • You can grow oranges and grapefruit in your own yard.