Single Family Home Sales in Jacksonville, FL

The city of Jacksonville Florida began to grow in the late 18th century as Cow Ford, settled by British colonists. Its major development occurred in the late nineteenth century, when it became a winter vacation destination for tourists from the North and Midwest. Its development was halted or slowed by the Great Fire of 1901, the Florida Land Bust of the 1920’s, and the economic woes of the 1960s and 70s. Since the late 20th century, the city has experienced steady growth, with a new federal building constructed in downtown in 2003.

Since 1940, Jacksonville Florida has also been a major port for the United States Navy. The city is a thriving metropolis with over a million citizens. Due to its consolidate city county government structure, Jacksonville Florida has the largest municipal population among Florida cities, as well as the largest land area of any city in the contiguous United States.

Things to do in Jacksonville Florida

Explore all 840 Square Miles of a different side of Jacksonville Florida. Stretches of stunning beaches and waterways, the largest urban park system in the country, extraordinary cultural and historical spots, and experiences that engross the mind, body, and inner adventurer.

Get to know Jacksonville Florida. Relax on stretches of stunning beaches; paddle through our nature-filled waterways; hike, bike and explore our national, state and city parks; dine in our top rated restaurants; or just relax in a place that makes it all possible. There’s plenty to do for families, couples, nature-lovers, foodies, golfers, cultural and historical travelers and more.

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